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E-com contracts, SaaS/Cloud/Sourcing, Logistics/Distribution, Privacy law, Retail/Procurement
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related projects
  • International commercial contracts. Focus on storage and cooling technology for agricultural products.
  • Drafting/negotiating loan and security agreements. Focus on sustainable projects e.g. wind and solar farms.
  • Outsourcing/SaaS/ICT contracts, Mortgage backed finance, Securitization, Regulatory
  • Dutch Petrochemical Industry. Licensing of DSM technologies, cooperation/joint-ventures, carve-out Petrochemical industry.
  • sustainable energy. Drafting various contracts in relation to sustainable energy and PV/Solar projects.
  • (now renamed in Properize); commercial property finance. Negotiating and Drafting various loan and mortgage documents. Specialised in short-loan/ in relation to real estate projects and acquisition of commercial property.
  • chip and wireless technologies. A tech corp specialised in wireless technology. Commercial contracts, competition law.
  • mortgage service. Specialised in servicing front-mid and back office of mortgage-loan providers. Providing Legal Assistance for IT procurement project, mortgage backed securities, financial service- and distribution agreements.
  • PPG; paint and coating industry. Negotiating and drafting sale/purchase agreements, warehousing and logistic contracts. Restructuring sales-structure in Europe.
  • Tennet; the Dutch high-voltage grid provider. Cross-border operations, tenders and procurement processes, negotiating and drafting of contracts.
  • project development and real estate. Various corporate legal assignments in relation to real estate project developments and legal restructuring of the corporate legal entity structure.
  • Project development, tender and procurement process, real estate realisation. Restructuring sales and sourcing structure in South East Europe and US.